domingo, 20 de mayo de 2018


*Learn popular and very useful Spanish phrases*
**For completely beginners, no Spanish skills required**

Hi everyone:
My name is Nibaldo Calvo Buides, I am a Spanish teacher originally from Cuba and I live in Louisville, Kentucky.
On June and July I will be teaching the workshop “Casual Spanish” in different cities and towns of Kentucky and nearby. If you want to host this workshop, please let me know.
A great way to learn a new language is to learn phrases as a whole first and then learn the words that make them up. In a few minutes you'll be able to speak in Spanish.
Total hours: 2
Cost: $30 per participant
Minimum: 10

Thanks very much

domingo, 28 de enero de 2018


My name is Nibaldo Calvo Buides, I am a Spanish Teacher and Author originally from Cuba.
I am offering Spanish Tutoring for High School Students.
1 student: $30.00 per hour
2 students: $20.00 per hour each


Hello everyone!!! Many of you have asked if I offer an online alternative to my Spanish classes. I have great news.  My wife and I have developed online Spanish lessons to help you and your family learn Spanish.  These lessons are for all ages and are very easy to learn.  We will add new lessons monthly and members also receive 5 free email consultations with the Spanish instructor per month.
In this link you can have access to a lesson example:
This is the link to sign up for "Subscription plan". You will have 7 days free trial.
You can register HERE

 We look forward to working with you.

Contact email:

jueves, 17 de agosto de 2017



Hello everyone:
My name is Nibaldo Calvo Buides, a Spanish teacher from Cuba. I live in Louisville, Kentucky.
I am reaching out to everybody to offer this FREE Spanish webinar.
A false friend  is a word in a language that bears a deceptive resemblance to a word in another language but in fact has a different meaning.
Spanish and English share words with Latin roots. Some words with the same origin take a different way in each language.
In this webinar I will teach you "false friends" Spanish-English words.
For example:  The Spanish word ÉXITO means success, hit (not EXIT).
As the best way to learn Spanish is in context because it helps lock Spanish words in the long term memory, in the webinar I will place the Spanish words in short expressions.
With this method you will learn fast because you will be giving meaning to your new vocabulary.
This webinar is open for all ages and levels.
It will be on August 22, from 6:00 p.m. to 6: 30 p.m. (Eastern Time Zone).
Registration in this link:

Thanks very much and I look forward to see you there.

Nibaldo Calvo Buides
Spanish teacher

viernes, 16 de junio de 2017


Here I am with Diego, my assistant.  
From June 5th to June 16th I taught a Spanish Course for Homeschoolers in Georgetown, Kentucky.
We had a lot of fun!

viernes, 5 de mayo de 2017


If you don't speak Spanish at all or only a little bit this manual is the best for you. It is a quick reference tool and an easy-to-use study guide to get an effective basic communication. You will find words and phrases that you can use every day with Spanish speakers. You will be able to express greetings and introductions, basic courtesy, to talk about the weather and celebrations and more.
A phonetic pronunciation accompanies each phrase. In order to facilitate reading, the phonetic transcription in this book follows the rules of English pronunciation and spelling as closely as possible.

The phonetic transcription presented here corresponds to a “neutral” dialect of Spanish which, pronounced correctly, will be understood in any Spanish-speaking country.


Days of the week:
Sunday = domingo (doe-MEAN-go)
Monday = lunes (LOO-nace)
Tuesday = martes (MAR-tase)
Wednesday = miércoles (me+AIR-co-lace)
Thursday = jueves (HWAY-vase)
Friday = viernes (vee+AIR-nace)
Saturday = sábado (SAW-bah-doe)

What’s your name? (informal)
¿Cómo te llamas?
Koh-moh teh yah-mahss?

My name is…
Mi nombre es…
Mee mohm-breh es…

I need help.
Necesito ayuda.
Neh-she-see-to ah-yoo-dah.

This manual has 40 pages and costs only $4.00
You can buy it in this link: