lunes, 13 de febrero de 2017


My name is Nibaldo Calvo Buides, a Spanish teacher, Journalist and Economist originally from Cuba and now I live in Louisville, Kentucky (USA). I currently work as Spanish teacher at St. Andrew Academy, a private school in Louisville.
I have a Bachelor degree in Economics at University of Havana, Cuba, and a Diploma as Journalist at International Institute of Journalism, Havana, Cuba.
I am offering to businesses three Spanish Courses for Business (Beginners, Spanish for Business 1 and Spanish for Business 2). I will travel to their locations and I can teach to a maximum of 20 people per group.
We can negotiate the fee per course.
Thanks very much.
I hope to hear from you soon.

1. Spanish for Beginners
2. Spanish for Business 1
3. Spanish for Business 2

*Prerequisite for Spanish for Business 1 and 2: Intermediate level of Spanish.

Spanish for Beginners: It is a great way to get started in learning Spanish as a foreign language. The students will learn the fundamental knowledge in areas such as basic expressions, colloquial language, numbers, simple conversations, and more, every lesson and vocabulary will be related to business.
Total Lessons/week: 20

Spanish for Business 1:     The students will learn business etiquette and how to discuss background and skills as well as the company’s products, services, and structure. Ten practical lessons about professional communication in the Spanish-speaking world.
Total Lessons/week: 10

Spanish for Business 2:  The students will learn how to get an Effective Interviewing for Jobs or Partnerships, how to work through the module as a perspective employee applying for a position, as an employer hiring for a position, or as an organization seeking international business partners. They will know too how to get real-life experience emailing, texting, speaking on the phone, and doing interviews via Skype.
Total Lessons/week: 10


viernes, 10 de febrero de 2017


The Spanish-speaking segment be an important part of the life and economic of the United States. There is a huge community that shares products, services, and culture.
If you want to improve your job prospects, keep your mind sharp, explore new cultures and make new friends, Spanish is the one tool able to help you achieve all of that and more.
You can do it!

This book has 48 pages and costs $6.00

martes, 10 de enero de 2017


  • rojo(a): red
  • anaranjado(a): orange
  • amarillo(a): yellow
  • verde: green
  • azul: blue
  • morado(a): purple
  • rosado (de color rosa): pink
  • negro(a): black
  • gris: grey
  • blanco(a): white
  • café: brown
  • marrón: brown
  • castaño(a): brown (hair, eyes)
  • claro(a): light
  • humo(a): smoky
  • oscuro(a): dark
  • dorado(a): gold
  • plateado(a): silver
  • beigebeis: beige
  • malva: mauve
  • verde mar: aqua
  • (color) canela: tan
  • (color) borgoña: burgundy
  • (color) lavanda: lavender
  • (color) magenta: magenta